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I'm one of the many Judys in the quilting world. In fact, back in the late 80s and early 90s, a number of us formed a "Judy" group on the internet.
My husband and I, and our psychotic cat, live in the beautiful state of Colorado, with a view of the snow-covered peaks from our upstairs windows. I can't explain why my latest quilt project is a lighthouse situated on a rocky coastline!
I started quilting at the same time as many others in 1976--the year of the bicentennial. I was pregnant with my second child at the time that I took a quilting class. So I decided to make the baby a quilt. I labored over the hand applique and hand quilted it. It was lovely. But toddlers have a habit of dragging their quilts around the house; the dog sleeps on it; you get the idea! Pretty soon, there was nothing left of it! Besides, I found out I hated hand work. If I can't do it by machine, it pretty much doesn't get done.
Over the years, I found that I loved designing my own quilts; and I've been doing just that for more than 20 years. At first, it was with graph paper and colored pencils; but then, along came the quilt programs. What a wonderful time saver! However, it's so much fun playing with shapes and colors and fabrics on the computer that. . . . . you guessed it! There's not much time for the sewing machine.
Although I don't make quilts with the idea of entering into competitions, I have been fortunate to have one of my quilts accepted into the Hoffman Challenge, and the pattern for a quilt that I designed and made for my grandson was published in a national magazine.
My real passion is sharing my knowledge with my students in the classes that I have been teaching for a local women's group. Since I design my own quilts, the next logical step was to write the patterns. So, even more time is spent at the computer perfecting the patterns for my classes. I hope to share some of those patterns with those of you who found my website.

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